Woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset in Koh Chang, Thailand

I followed my Hatha yoga training in Belgium, in Hamsananda Sarasvati Askappelplein 22, 8485 Veurne (Eggewaartskapelle).

In Italy, I obtained the certificate of“prenatal and postnatal yoga”, nationally recognized by CNEN and internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance.

In Italy, I obtained the certificate of“children’s yoga”, nationally recognized by CNEN and internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Everybody is free to follow his/her religion and choose the diet he/she prefers. Yoga has nothing to do with any religion!

During the class everybody has to follow his/her own rhythm and possibilities, never go beyond your limits!

No physical contact occurs between the students and me during a Yoga session. You must be aware of the great difference between fitness and Yoga.

In fitness one moves quickly, when practicing yoga all your movements are very slow and help you, together with breathing and concentration, to gain consciousness of your body. Yoga is suitable for everybody : children, young people, pregnant women, adults, old people. Everyone can do it and all over the world. And you know why? Yoga works!

Yoga helps us to eliminate our energetic blockages, makes us focus on movements and conscious breathing. Energy flows and activates a self healing process in our body. Yoga has positive effects on both physical and psychological levels.

How can we reach this kind of balance and consciousness: By regular practice!

The price for an individual yoga session is €11.00 VAT inclusive.
A legal proof of payment or invoice will be given.
Prepayment is requested, please read frequently asked questions:

The sessions take place outdoors in “la playa de Las Canteras” Las Palmas and last one hour each. Bring a towel / beach towel.

Once you have made the payment, I will contact you within 5 working days to schedule an appointment.

NB : yoga classes may not take place due to the current situation on earth or the weather.
Before paying please contact me !