MEANING “UniTerrahealing”

Uni = UNIversum, UNIre = unite,  UNIcità = unity
Terra = Earth
healing = cure

Become one with the Earth and the Universe to get to spiritual enlightenment.

In April 2020, I had opened my Akashic Chronicles, whereby I received new information on how to fulfil the best my mission as a spiritual healer. I was given the name “UniTerrahealing” with the explanation how I could put this into practice. This is why I use this method.

It is a new energetic healing method on earth, to bring back humanity back to its wholeness. One will not only be reconnected to the energy grids that are around the earth and the Universe, but one will also become one with the soul again. 

One will be realigned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to go through the process of ascension to the “Christ Consciousness”, which is a state of Universal Consciousness.

Each soul has the ability to create a powerful energy to bring one back to his original state of being.

Only when we can see the Universe as a whole in which each part reflects the totality and in which great beauty lies in its diversity, we will begin to understand who we really are. The human being is one with the Universe, everything is connected and everything is materialised through consciousness. 

By realigning ourselves to our energygrids we increase our vibrational frequencies so our level of consciousness increases as well. Then we can not only heal ourselves, but expanding our energies also brings healing back to the earth.

Raising the vibrational frequencies is the only way to be able to awaken, to remember who we really are and for the total and definitive activation of our Lightbody.

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