Energetic treatment with “UniTerrahealing” method on site.

A spiritual healer who performs a spiritual healing in person is not a doctor, nor a naturopath. The help that the spiritual healer offers can only come through the strength of the spirit.

Over the years, I have followed various methods of energetic treatments up to spiritual surgery. While practicing energetic treatments, I connect with mij Guides and I ask what is best for the person who asked for help. By entrusting the process to the Guides, what a spiritual healer does, I allow myself to be led in identifying blockages and removing them. I am simply a tool, a channel.

“UniTerrahealing” works holistically involving the organism as a whole : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All these parts interact with each other.
With “UniTerrahealing”, one is re-aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Alignment at the level of the physical body can be compared to straightening a drainpipe. If the drainpipe is crooked, water has a harder time flowing and dirt gets stuck in the bends. However, if the pipe is straight, water flows freely and dirt does not get stuck.
This is the same with energy. If the spine of the physical body is not aligned, there is no proper flow of energy. Hence, if it is not aligned, it is also difficult to achieve full balance. Once this happens, an improvement process already starts.
The physical alignment is visible with the naked eye. The alignment of the emotional, mental and spiritual is not visible with the naked eye.

The chakras, which are centres of concentrated energy, are brought back into balance on the vertebrae after alignment. Then energetic blockages are removed, be it physical, emotional , mental and spiritual.

All this is done to do the ascension process to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual research has shown us that 80% of the problems in a person’s life can have their roots in the spiritual dimension. Energetic treatment is about removing the spiritual cause of the problem. It can also be used to work on a potential problem before it even manifests.
We have seven main chakras that are located along the spine. These are connected with each other and with the physical organs. Everything in us is interconnected and through the spinal column we are anchored in the heavens and the earth and included in the matrix of the Universe. The purpose of healing is to balance these centers so that energy can flow through them and make them vibrate correctly. In other words : when the energy does not flow adequately, it means a center is blocked.
After the session, a spinal X-ray shows visible changes.
Everyone has in addition to the physical body a spiritual body and a soul body. Each of these bodies has its own energy level. When the energy does not flow freely in one or more of these three bodies, there are blockages which do not allow to flow perfectly. On the spiritual level, the blockages concern specific situations (emotionally and psychologically) of this life. On the soul level, the situations mainly concern the family tree, morphogenetic fields and previous lives.
During a spiritual healing we witness extraordinary processes which often are considered as humanly impossible. In fact, there is documented evidence of definitive “miraculous” healings. No spiritual help is ever useless.

How does it work in practice?

You can make an appointment through the page “Info&contact”. I keep an hour free and work very punctually.
Like a doctor in a hospital asks for the signature of patients before performing an operation, all spiritual healers have a consent form to be signed. (data to be entered on the left at ”info/contact”)
I ask you to lay down on a treatment table while remaining fully dressed (only shoes and socks are removed). Then I work around you, without touching you. I will ask you to relax, to be simply present to oneself, without having expectations. Trust that what happens is the best for you, that you will receive the right benefits.
Each session is unique and is often an experience capable of changing your life.
If a person does not want to receive, or feels compelled to come and sees energetic treatment as a threat, I refuse to act.

The price is €77.00 VAT included.
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Once you have made the payment and filled in the consent form, I will contact you within 2 working days to schedule the appointment.

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The courses and programs, groups, activities and experiences organised by me, Katrien Suzanne Cloet, are for educational purposes only and do not replace any form of medical or psychological treatment. When I write about spiritual healings I mean energetic treatments in a holistic way and these do not replace medical treatment. Please be advised that I, Katrien Suzanne Cloet, am NOT a doctor. Please read fully the electronic consent before signing. Thanks !