“UniTerrahealing” intensive course. NOT AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH YET !

The aim is to become one with the earth and the Universe, to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
The course lasts for seven days. UniTerrahealing is associated with number seven.

A certificate will be issued at the end of the course. Registration for the intensive course is limited in number to give people a chance to be followed individually. After the course, you will have access to the WhatsApp/Telegram group for further support.

Some testimonials/experiences of participants can be found at the end of this page.

The course starts each morning on the beach with meditation, original Hatha yoga and breathing techniques to discover the power of breathing as self-healing. You will learn how to energetically recharge your own physical body with Mother Earth. As a morning ritual, you will learn from nature to be stable, calm and yourselves. Healing happens in the ocean.
During the first four days only, the course will be held in different locations in nature.
Each evening, the course ends with relaxing yoga and meditation on the beach. Afterwards, you are free to swim in the ocean for as long as you want before going to sleep.

Each day you will receive an energetic treatment directly from me to remove energy blockages in the physical body and in the subtle bodies.
I channel every day of the course and I am therefore in constant contact with my and your Guides, so I know when a break is needed, any changes in the programme are needed, what everyone needs at each moment and this in order to bring everyone into the highest possible frequencies. Hence, it is possible that the program as described below may be slightly modified. Of course there are other surprises that are not described here. My intention with every course is therefore that everyone may reach their highest evolution and experience contact with Source !

Day one:

– The meeting starts at 16:00 local time (1+6= number 7) with gratitude and a short presentation of yourselves.
– The Mantra of UniTerrahealing.
– Achieve Christ Consciousness and acquire high protection in order to live in full power.
– Invocation UniTerrahealing energy to bring healing to your ancestors and anyone karmically connected to you.
– Release from deep-seated family karma.
– Cutting and burning of karmic ties.
– Forgiving from deeper layers.
– Closing the past.
The evening ends with inner silence and total distance from the outside world. 

Day two:

Activation of the four main energy centres in the body to achieve spiritual enlightenment, to fully connect with Source.
– How to connect with and seek help from Jesus.
– Healing the seven main chakras.
– Connecting with your Higher Self and the Light Beings.
– Understanding your Soul’s Mission in a better way. 

Day three:

The opening of your Akashic Chronicles: how to prepare, how to access them, difference with intuition, receiving the spiritual code, what information you can receive, what questions work or don’t work in the Chronicles, using Chronicles to learn and create, how to heal yourself and others, healing past lives, etc…
– Many practical exercises are done to enhance the experience in the Chronicles.
– How to open the Akashic Chronicles for others.
– How to achieve Mastery to awaken “truly”.
– How to use your inner power to make those around you feel better.

Day four :

– Clearing negative energy on and in the earth and around you.
– Excursion to a higher energy point on the island where you will work on your own evolution.
– Bringing back lost Soul fragments for yourselves and others.
– How to work with the energy of UniTerrahealing to heal yourselves, rejuvenate and look the way you want to.
– Using Mantra of UniTerrahealing to heal your self, burn karma, achieve your desired future and purify your self.
– Exercises to raise your energy frequencies.
– Activation of your MerKaBa.
– How to use Pranic nourishment and live from the energetic Light.
– Meditation at the full moon and asking the Light to stay with you.
The fourth day is always at full moon. After three days of inner work on self-healing, in a very intense way, self-healing will be ended in the ocean water at full moon.
Talking is allowed again but only among each other. No contact may yet be taken with the outside world.

Day five :
– The Philippine method.
– How to bring your consciousness to beta-alpha-theta level.
– Astral travel.
– Getting in touch with Light Beings of very high consciousness who help during energetic treatments.
– Perceiving and removing energy blockages in other people from the physical body and subtle bodies.
– Channelling healing energy into other people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
– There are practice sessions to experience healing and become more confident during energetic treatments.
– Learning to open the energy channels so that where there is too much energy, this can be drained to the earth. This is necessary for people with weak physical bodies.
– How to perform energetic treatments at distance.

Day six :
– The UniTerrahealing method.
– You learn how to balance the chakras as I have been taught by the Light Beings.
– You learn how to cleanse the aura as I have been taught by the Lightbeings.
– You learn how to help your loved ones get off drugs and alcohol so they can see the Light.
– Those who have not yet received the Reconnection will receive it for free during this intensive course. Here, the energetic connection is made between the meridians of the body and the energy meridians of the Universe and our planet. This creates a connection that was originally there but was broken over time.

Seventh day:

Examination: a remote Uniterra healing.
– You will receive the opening of the third eye.
– You will be re-aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to go through the process of ascension to “Christ Consciousness”, a state of Universal Consciousness. Each soul has the ability to create a powerful energy to bring itself back to its original state of being. You are also going to be able to perform this on other persons and animals.
– You will receive the initiation of UniTerrahealing.
– Practical guidelines for a spiritual healer.
– Afterwards, the certificate is issued.
At the end of the course, we all come together, during a lunch offered by me, to finish the seven days in harmony. The course ends at 16:00 local time (1+6 = number 7). So the course begins and ends with number seven to strengthen the connection with UniTerrahealing.

No previous knowledge is needed to participate. The course is recommended both for those who want to make their own personal evolution and for those who want to become a spiritual healer and reach spiritual enlightenment.

For more information and registration send a message on Whattsap or Telegram 0034 675115122

Read frequently asked questions:

The course is conducted by myself, Katrien Suzanne Cloet:

Teacher of yoga and meditation.
– Officially recognised as a spiritual healer.
– Author of the book : “How to get out of the spiral of darkness and return to the original Light”.
– Founder of “UniTerrahealing”.

ATTENTION : registration is only effective after payment and must be made no later than 11 days before the course. Registration for the intensive course is limited in number !

Why do the classes take place in Gran Canaria?

Why do I teach courses in Gran Canaria?
My spiritual guides suggested that I move to the Canary Islands and later teach courses here.
There are seven Canary Islands and they represent the seven main chakras. The chakras are the energy centres in our body and Gran Canaria represents the fifth chakra. That is the throat chakra : it opens the door of one’s spiritual path. It is associated with blue, the colour of the sky and of the sea. The elements associated with the fifth chakra are sound and ether. Ether is the connecting element between water, air, earth and fire and represents the field of ultra-thin magnetic forces.
The fifth chakra acts as a focal point for the energy of the heart chakra and the energy of the crown chakra.  Communication also relates to listening to your own intuition.
The throat chakra or Vishuddha is considered the first spiritual chakra, as it marks the beginning for the individual to understand his relationship with himself and with the Universe.
The fifth chakra forms an important connection between the lower chakras and the crown chakra. It is the connection between our feelings, our thoughts, our impulses and our reactions and at the same time manifests the contents of all chakras outwardly. 

Here on the Canarian Islands, it is easier to learn how to heal ones DNA through ones vibration.

The island of Gran Canaria, in the middle of an ocean, is equipped with perfect microclimates to spend holidays, take courses, heal from illnesses and slow down the rhythm of life. It is ideal for relaxing, taking care of oneself and feel good.
The Canary Islands have been a destination for people with health problems for years and are Europe’s most visited place for good reason because these lucky islands have the best climate in the world.
Gran Canaria is an island of volcanic origin. Therefore, the earth’s energy makes it a place for high meditation.


Kathy :
27/9/2022: I just opened my Akashic Records as taught in the intensive UniTerrahealing course I attended. Suddenly a message came through very clearly : I am Michael and will always protect you. To be honest, I was shocked because this came through very clearly and I was not expecting this at all! Then the following was passed on : UniTerrahealing is the most powerful there is at the moment.

13/10/2022 : The Uniterrahealing course was a wonderful experience that enriched me, moved me and taught me a lot. I saw Jesus sitting in front of me and smiling at me. He told me to contact Him every day that He would help lift me up, I saw Him cut the karmic ties that held me to the earth. I felt how unconditional love opened my heart and encouraged me to do more and more without fear, and I felt the vibrations of love rising. I did not allow myself to fully open, but it was only the beginning and I am proud of it. I got in touch with Archangel Michael, he made me feel his very strong energy of peace and love in my heart, I asked for guidance in my work and he told me to detach myself from fears, lift myself up and start flying like I used to do, you recognise that dimension. Break ties with people who invade your mind and take possession of it. I received a lot of other important guidance, the whole path has been a great awakening that I wish everyone
Emanuela :
In October 2022, I opened my Akashic Chronicles and was told :
Katrien gave you the best education (the intensive UniTerrahealing course) you could have had, as if she gave you 10 bars of gold.

I am attending the last day of the intensive Uni-Terrahealing course in Gran Canaria. It was a fantastic experience. I felt so much Love, it actually literally hurt, but it’s a beautiful pain, honestly. I saw the LIGHT, literally. What was a beautiful experience for me was actually that the Light Beings showed themselves to me, that they are REALLY there. I recommend everyone to meet this beautiful soul Katrien, and take the course. Thank you. ?During the initiation I felt a powerful Light Being behind me. Fantastic experience, which I wish to everyone. We are all connected here on Earth with each other, but also with everything we can’t see with the naked eye, or what we don’t see in the 3D world, but do see in the 5D, when we get into higher frequencies. When I returned home, my husband also felt that I entered a higher vibration. AWESOME ?

I have just completed the last day of the intensive UniTerrahealing course with Katrien Cloet. An incredible experience. Something everyone should do. It is so intense, so beautiful. Something I have longed for all my life actually, which is what I am getting here now. I was in contact with Source this morning. It is so beautiful, I am so grateful and… Yes, I don’t really have words for it. I just want to say, I want to share this with everyone and I wish everyone could have this experience. Thank you!
Katrien brings you more and more to a higher level every day✨ This course is more than well worth its money!Just do it ???❤️

I took the UniTerrahealing course with Katrien in March and it was fantastic. I have taken many courses in recent years, but Katrien’s course was the one for me. I learned so much, I made contact with my Guides and Angels. One Angel I saw clearly and heard her name. I also saw Jesus and felt his light and presence. I am not religious at all, but this has nothing to do with it neither. I feel that Jesus is inside me and not outside me. I am very grateful to Katrien, she has given me a very big gift with this course. I can now heal myself and also other people. I recommend this course to anyone who also wants to learn to heal. It is a gift to yourself, Katrien teaches you a lot!?

In March this year 2022, I attended the UniTerrahealing course in Gran Canaria. Through a lot of deep work under guidance, many deep-seated blockages were released and cleared, as well as waves of redemptive tears, insights, inspirations and answers obtained with, as the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned, experienced 2 very intense and impressive moments that I will never forget. The first was on the beach where I felt my heart chakra beating on/in my back and I received the message: “Now you can start living”!
The second was an ecstatic moment of unconditional love during a healing by Katrien. The feeling that my whole body was carried resonated with that unconditional enveloping love and that feeling of “I am/feel at home/you belong”. And at one point I experienced an intense boost of energy through my body, exactly like a lamp you turn on. I felt warm, enlightened, full of energy, powerful and alive. I lack the words to describe the intensity of this perception/experience, it was magical and wonderful!
The location Gran Canaria with its healing sea, the views, the sunny and warm days, the natural areas… are an asset in this course.
I recommend everyone to take this course. It will release what may be released, it will heal where needed and it will give with unconditional love. It will help you feel, know and realise who you really are and give you insights you need. All this under the leadership, guidance and dedication of the loving Katrien Cloet for which I am grateful ??

From 15 to 21 March, I took the intensive course with Katrien Cloet. The things I first knew in theory really came in after this course. With the feeling of, I am really Light and Love, radiate it outwards. After this course, I really feel it and know it is so. I experienced the UniTerrahealing and it was great. As a result, my feet are straight now and it feels fantastic, a miracle! It cannot be grasped and explained, but it has happened.
After this course, I know that Jesus really exists. Jesus is always with you, is in your heart. You only have to think of him and you feel Jesus in your heart. One evening during a meditation we were allowed to ask Jesus for an ecstasy. He gave me one too. That is the most beautiful thing you can experience, so much love! You feel so much love that you think you can’t handle it. That was great to experience and I grant that to everyone. I grant everyone the feeling of unconditional love.
I hereby recommend everyone to follow this course. Katrien has so much to offer, she gives so much love, she has a golden heart. It is also so beautiful to get to know other participants who also “see” Light and love and realise who they really are.
We are universal, we are here on earth in a body, but we are not this body. After this body, we move on and return to the Source of unconditional love.
I hope everyone comes to realise that we are not just a human being, but equal to Jesus. We are all a sister or brother of Jesus and of each other. We all go back to the Source, we are one. Everything is one. The sand, the sea, everything is one. That is why you can feel love for everything, we are made of the same “stardust”.
When everyone starts to realise this, we will have a fantastically beautiful world where everyone lives in harmony. Where people no longer argue, but are nice to each other. Where negativity does not exist and we share everything with each other. Where we live in abundance and everyone sees the Light and love. I grant this to everyone!

Kathy :
Hereby my experiences during the intensive course of UniTerrahealing. It was passed on to me through Katrine’s Guides that I would have to wait a few days for what was most important to me. During the practice, I was the first to perform an alignment on a fellow participant and it was simply indescribable, that feeling to really see physically that someone’s legs and feet were suddenly aligned again, I was sincerely moved and could hardly believe my eyes that this was possible through me although I already knew I could work energetically. The Light Beings knew I needed this confirmation somewhere.
I was also shown something about a person that did not feel pleasant for me at that moment but it was necessary for me to see this so that I got a better insight. Hence I am grateful that I was shown the truth.
At another moment, my energy was hugely heightened which made me see myself completely different, a beautiful being…completely different from how I saw myself…then I also felt really beautiful and also felt that I could radiate a lot of loving energy to others, it was a very nice and gentle feeling.
I hereby recommend to follow this course yourself, you get very different and high-frequency experiences, all guided by Katrien who gave herself completely to guide everyone correctly with her strong contact with Lightbeings from higher dimensions for which sincere thanks and admiration for her commitment and what she can and does.

Mario D.
Thank you for your great preparation and knowledge, it was a wonderful experience, I learned many things, I met very special people, I thank our Guides who gave us this opportunity, I hope to see you again soon. A hug of light!

Tonina O.
It was a beautiful and unforgettable experience?Thanks Katrien ❤️

O. D.
Beautiful! It was truly a very beautiful course, we experienced unforgettable moments with many spiritual manifestations for everyone. The Guides have always been with us. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Gaetana O.
A woman and spiritual healer without equal !! A pure soul. Thank you so much.