Reconnecting the Meridians












Reconnecting the meridians only happens once in a lifetime.

The personal Reconnection is designed to permanently restore the deep connection with the Universe, to reconnect you as a human being to the greater whole.

Originally, our body’s meridians or acupuncture lines were connected to a network that surrounds our planet. These network lines were meant to connect us to an immeasurably larger network and thus connect us to the entire Universe. Over time we have become detached from these lines.
The Reconnection brings in ‘new’ axiatonal lines that allow us to use these unique vibrational levels and frequencies for our healing and ultimately our evolution. It raises our level of consciousness and our intuitive abilities.
These lines are part of the so-called circulation system from the parallel dimension that attracts the basic energy for restoring the functions of the human body.
The Reconnection brings in these new lines, activates them and allows the exchange of light and information. This also involves reconnecting our DNA strands and reintegrating the “strings” (parallel dimensions of reality).

In practice, it brings something different to everyone because it accelerates everyone’s personal development. For some people, this is the discovery of new talents and skills, which help them with their way of life and to achieve their goals. With the arrival of the physical energy, we obtain a smoother recovery, mental clarity and better concentration. After the Reconnection, for a period of 6 to 12 months, there is a strong acceleration of growth and great changes follow.
The Reconnection is suitable for everyone and every Reconnection is unique. Everyone will notice that life will start to flow more and one will be on the way to a higher level of one’s own potential.

How does it work in practice?
There are two sessions of about 40 minutes each, done in one or two consecutive days. You will be asked to lie fully clothed on a massage table and I will work around you, without touching you. This is done the same way remotely.

Worldwide set price is €333.00 VAT included.
A legal proof of payment or invoice will be given.
Payment is also possible by bank transfer but please also fill in the ELECTRONIC CONSENT FORM under contact otherwise I will not be able to contact you !
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Once the payment is made and the consent form completed, I will contact you within 5 business days to set up an appointment.

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Valentina M.
“Katrien, while you were completing the Reconnection procedure, I heard two voices, the one of a woman and the other of a man, both saying to me :” now you are connected to us, The Universe, now you are connected to us, The Universe, now you may come into your power, now you are connected, now you may come into your power …. “.

The energy field around the body before and after reconnecting the meridians: