Online course on permanently cutting and burning karmic ties.

Karmic ties are formed with someone from your soul group. Often the relationship of giving and taking was very unequal, not balanced at all. The other person’s boundaries were not respected or one acted out of self-interest.
Indeed, we often meet again the people with whom we have built up negative karma. The goal is therefore to learn lessons and heal past hurts.
Once our soul has understood what it means to hurt others, if we have learned our lessons, we can still have the karmic ties cut.
It is very important to cut the karmic ties, not only with those with whom we have problems, but also with our soulmates, just to be sure not to have anything left in limbo. Often the relationship then improves as well.
Personally, I do it with everyone and also in new situations that come my way so as to make everything better.
Because after all, everything we do, think or say ultimately comes back to ourselves.

How does it work in practice?
The course is given online in a video call and I keep 1 hour available. We do this together the first time and then you also get more explanation.
You learn this ONE TIME after which you can do this for the REST OF YOUR LIFE with everything and everyone. Afterwards, you will also receive a registration that you can use every time you want to cut and burn the karmic ties.

The price is € 77.00 VAT inclusive.
A legal proof of payment or invoice will be given.
Payment can be made via bank transfer. The IBAN details can be found at the bottom of this link:

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Once the payment is made, I will contact within 5 working days to schedule an appointment.



Marli O.
On 29 May I had an appointment with Katrien to break karmic ties. The night before, as usual, I watched a movie and did her meditation for abundance. In the morning, a nightmare woke me up, I thought about doing the meditation again, also to reassure myself, so I took my mobile phone in hand and realised I had received a message from Katrien to confirm the time for our appointment. I replied, “I just woke up, I had a nightmare, but it’s okay for the hour, see you later”. I started her meditation but I fell asleep … but I had another nightmare, but different from the first time. This time I had a very bad feeling, it was like a shadow (an invisible being / entity) was sucking my power and energy , I couldn’t do anything and felt immobile. In an instant, I was in a house, immediately after in the mountains. This negative energy called me to it but I was blocked and I couldn’t do anything. At the same time, I heard Katrine’s voice penetrating my ears (but I didn’t see her) calling me by name and surname and she said, “Marliza Oliveira feel the Light, Marliza Oliveira come to the light !!!” At certain moments the voice shifted but the light became clearer and clearer, it enveloped me but I still could not get away from the other negative energy, Katrine followed me there and gave me the strength and courage to free myself further. I woke up suddenly at 10:45 am. I had an appointment for her course at 11am. Before her call, I cleared my head to concentrate for the session.
After I told Katrien this, she explained to me the reason for this nightmare : It was entities of lower frequency that had tried to stop me from the appointment, from attending the course (to tell the truth, we had just not missed it, as I woke up just in time) as this course was important for my spiritual growth. I can say that it is thanks to Katrien that they did not succeed. After a few days, Katrien called me to remind me to protect myself because they were still trying. And indeed my energies were very low. I remind you to learn to protect yourselves so that they cannot take away our power. Embrace of Light ??

Kathy :
I learned from Katrien about the karmic ties and how they can be so important. Many negative things were happening around me and I followed the procedure Katrien taught me, this with many different people, as well as animals and buildings. After a while I suddenly noticed that someone started to react in a more friendly way, especially towards a person where before there was only enormous tension. It sometimes seems incomprehensible but it does work! Thanks for this experience Katrien and God and all representatives of the Light, as well as for all the other good you brought me !??