Animal healing

The energy of animals is pure, and they get ill for different reasons, but, as well as for human beings, stress is the main reason.

It is well known that people, suffering from anxiety or heart diseases, improve and feel better when they have a dog, a cat or any pet they can caress.
Pets are healers : they help us to feel better and they give unconditional love. Pets often help us, human beings; for example they take care of disabled, blind people, etc.
Animals help people and the earth by absorbing all the negative energies that cause stress and tension from the environment and human beings around them.
Therefore, it is absolute correct to take care of them as well!

When animals are stressed, ill or hurt, they are energetically unbalanced. A spiritual healer can help animals enormously by removing their blockages through an energetic treatment. The backbone alignment on animals has the same result as on humans.

Like any other living being, animals also have chakras, the energetic centers that nourish their subtle bodies.This energetic net resembles a bunch of etheric energy fibres nourishing every living being’s chakras, including humans and animals. That’s why a spiritual healer can also charge the chakras of animals.
They also have a network of meridians very similar to that which crosses the human body and is responsible for bringing to all parts of the body the energy needed for the health and maintenance of life of our four-legged friends. Humans and animals interact on the energy field formed by the circulation of energy, with internal stimuli (e.g. emotions, even if they are simpler than human ones) and external stimuli (environment, interaction between individuals, etc.), so that the same interactions, positive or negative, shape the animal’s health and overall well-being.
Anyone who has an animal will have noticed that they often put specific parts of their body under our hands , or at least come into contact with our physical body, and stay there quietly with a blissful expression. This is due to their very high energetic perception coming from their chakras, which are brighter and more vibrant, as well as their “purity”.

An energetic treatment is very pleasant for them and it is effective in healing them. It is also a way to repay them for the unconditional love they offer us.

An energetic healing re-establishes balance, helps relieving injuries, cleanses fears and even can changes bad habits. With the energetic treatment, animals recover their natural balance status, where anything heavier as light disappears.The interaction with the healing energies starts with the treatment but continues afterwards.
Just like for humans, energetic sessions on distance are as effective as ones on site. (see “UniTerrahealing” on distance).

So far I have experienced energetic treatments on dogs, cats, horses and parakeets, and have been a helping channel for them.

How does a remote energetic treatment for animals takes place in practice?

Like a doctor in a hospital asks for the signature of patients before performing an operation, all spiritual healers do the same. You can make an appointment through the page “Info&contact”.

I schedule a one-hour appointment. On the established date, I will call you to explain how you can observe your pet. After the session, I will call you again to ask you for your feedback and to explain to you where I found energetic blockages. I also tell you important messages I received to help your pet the best. I am very punctual.

I ask you to send me a photo of your pet before the appointment (the position as in the photo). This is to see the chakras in a better way :

The price is €77.00 VAT included.
A legal proof of payment or invoice will be given.
Payment is also possible by bank transfer but please also fill in the ELECTRONIC CONSENT FORM under contact otherwise I will not be able to contact you !
The IBAN details can be found in this link where donations can also be made:

Prepayment is asked, read FAQ :

Once the payment is done and the consent form filled in, I will contact you within 2 working days to schedule an appointment.

PS : For clients who have already had a treatment by me and have an animal, the alignment of the animal’s spine is done free of charge.

ONLY for URGENT questions you can send a WRITTEN message on Telegram or WhatsApp : 0034 675115122

If you have further questions or need more information, you can contact me via the website :


Hello everyone … I wanted to bring a testimony about the treatment that Katrien did on distance (UniTerrahealing-realignment and chakra balance) on my daughter’s dog … on Monday evening, December 2nd, I asked Katrien what she could do for the dog since my daughter had gone abroad ( she is the mistress)… and she had stayed for four nights in the kennel and was a little angry… a little sad… a little with abandonment syndrome… a little restless…. Katrien connected with the dog and,as always, with the Beings of Light … When Katrien told me to send her a picture of her back, without me saying anything to the dog, she stretched out on the bed giving me her back so that I could take the photo with the whole back stretched … when the treatment started the dog occasionally had some little shocks but was calm … then Katrien wrote to me that she had several chakras in imbalance .. the most important was the heart chakra… Now thirteen days have passed and the dog is definitely better … she is calmer .. always very naughty … even more smiling … in her we see a soul .. thank you very much for this Katrien … ❣️❣️?❣️??❤️❤️??from❤️with affection .. Marzia
December 2019

K. and G:
In July I got an early morning call for a dog. The day before the dog’s owners had called the vet, because in a month she had lost too much weight, she hardly ate anymore and because she could no longer get up on her own, related to old age. It was already two months that she no longer went up to the gate, 300 meters further, when someone arrived. On a saturday in August, she did not eat and drank little, despite the fact that the owners always left food and drink near her. I knew that on sunday there would be no one around her. The dog was very close to my heart and I wanted to help her and so I asked the Universe for help. Although I had an appointment in the evening to go out, I felt I had to stay at home. And remember : always follow your intuition! In the evening I opened my pc and read about healing with nature / mother earth. Suddenly I felt a moment of joy and then I got a message from the Beings of Light : apply this on the dog.
I moved with my light body to where the dog was and I took the dog close to me to feed it with the help of mother Earth. The next day I did the same thing again and also on Monday while waiting for the news. On Tuesday morning I got a call: they found the dog in front of the gate turning back and forth to welcome them!
The same day I contacted a man to ask if I could experiment this experience on his wife who was for months in a coma and a year and a half in hospital. The lady didn’t speak, didn’t react, didn’t move. I understood from my Guides that I had to ask : What is she missing, what does she need the most? The answer was: “I see my wife, right now, like a tree that is not watered. Maybe you can do this : help my wife that she gets from the water strength and memory … and I knew what I needed to know … We agreed to try it out. None of us had expectations (important). On Sunday I got a Whattsap message:
Can i ask you a question : are you doing this to my wife?”
And I replied: “yes … I already wanted to ask, how do you find her like?”
And he replied :
Today she smiles at me, fantastic, she understands me, it’s incredible … I find her so much better”
August 2019

I received a Messenger message from abroad to perform an urgent spiritual healing on a cat, the owner was afraid he would die. So I asked for a photo of the cat and that same evening I did an energetic treatment. My reply message after the treatment was :
This cat is suffering from the pain it has. When I ran my hand over the cat’s belly and stomach, my palm hurted, indicating where the cat was in pain. This cat really wants to leave his physical body because the pain is unbearable. After asking the cat what he had and why he was in so much pain, the cat replied : “it’s the poison they give me” … Then I removed a blockage on the heart, but I repeat the big blockage was in the upper abdomen, in the stomach . I told the cat that you love him very much, that it was you who asked to do this session, and I begged him to stay here, not to leave the body. I also felt that the cat has a very strong bond with you and is very fond of you.
I’m sorry, but I sensed that this cat takes something that is poison to him.”
You answered me with this message:
I confirm that the vet gave him antibiotics with painkillers, … but the combination was a poison for him … I confirm that in the evening when I returned home, the cat stayed all the time, all evening with me and followed me everywhere, he slept with me all the time, which he had never done before! We removed those medicines and now the cat is fine! Thank you very much! “ 

Location chakras in our four-legged friends: